Project Update

Montefiore Synagogue, Ramsgate

Project:            Montefiore Synagogue, Ramsgate.

Client:              Local Jewish congregation.


Replacement of existing lead roof sections and timber repairs.

Replacement or repairs of rainwater system.

Installation of all new second-fix joinery.

Full replastering in lime and redecoration to suit.

Rebuilding of cornices and architectural lime work.

Localised repointing in lime and clay brick replacements.

Installation of new gold clock hands to the main clock.

All works were supervised and approved by the local authority’s listed building officer.

Utilising A Team Of Skilled Experts

- Heritage repairs
- New sound system
- CCTV installation
- New joinery installation
- Redecoration
- Careful removal of paint coverings
- Installation of new fire protections
- Furniture assemble
- Art installation

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