Here at Redec we have a number of partnerships where we work closely with other companies that fit our ethos of quality service; such companies are some of the most prestigious professionals working in the UK and it is pleasure to work alongside them.

These companies include:





H&K Safety Services: We have worked with Hilary, Kevin and their team for a number of years providing us with competent advice, training, CDM plans and more.  A highly recommended and talented company of professionals.





Dulux Contract Partnership: We are proud of this agreement and we will endeavour to source the best materials available, which this partnership reflects.

To achieve this contract we have demonstrated a commitment to quality and have continued year on year to improve and develop our workforce in order to achieve the best service for our customers.
Being one of ICI Premier Contractors for the South-East it has allowed us to take part in the restoration of many historic projects and to decorate some of the newest, state of the art facilities around the South.
This agreement is one of our highest achievements, the contract is actually framed and hangs in the Managing Director’s office.

Roger, Redec Finishing Expert says…

“Having years of experience behind me I can always confirm that Dulux materials perform better than the rest I’ve tried in the past.”

External Survey of 2011 of our customers showed that:

100% thought that our service was good value for money
100% said that they would recommend us to others.

With this ICI partnership we regularly tender for councils and property management companies throughtout the South East and hold a contract of decorating, repairs and maintenance for one of Kent’s largest councils. This contract covers a number of construction services to their residential occupied buildings, tourist attractions, council offices and shops.
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Repair Care International: Traditional pre-paint joinery repairs, such as splicing and filling are expensive, time consuming and frequently fail, leading to costly premature paint breakdown and further timber decay. Redec are approved to undertake durable, permanent repairs, at a fraction of the cost of replacement with products based on flexible epoxy resin, allowing large and small repairs, including complex moulded profiles, to be quickly and easily achieved.  We one of a few approved centres and we cover the whole of London and the South East.


If you are interested in becoming a partner with Redec, please contact us by clicking here for contact details